Jack of Many Trades

Knowing My Limits

Originally posted: 2011-04-24

Today in my blacksmithing class, we worked on a couple of things. We were supposed to be finishing up the tongs we started last week. We were also supposed to be starting our final projects. (These were not originally supposed to overlap, but we're behind.)

I made good progress on my final project - you'll see pictures after next week's class, when I'm done. I have to document it for my grade, after all.

The tongs were another story, however. We were making them out of 5/8" stock that's over an inch wide and we're supposed to fuller it down and draw it out to about 5/8" square. It's boring, it requires really heavy blows, and basically it's exhausting. I worked on it off and on during class, but I'm fairly sure I'm just not going to finish them, and I'm okay with that. Another pair of tongs would be nice to have, but not so much so that I'm going to get distracted from my final project. It's all about priorities and limits.