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Creative Every Day - Jan 23rd (ish)

Originally posted: 2011-01-26

Okay, so I'm a little late with this week's roundup. Maybe I shouldn't commit to doing them every Sunday. Sunday's my only day off, after all. Maybe I should commit to just... checking in, when checking in is relevant.

I'm still keeping up my streak on 750 words, using a combination of new fiction, revisions based on old notes, and character profiling. You may have seen the character profile for Garcia that I did the other day, and the Exalted short I posted. There won't be a diary for Hammer this week because at no point during the session did he have time to stop and write one! I know, I know, it's tragic.

In theory, my piece for the Poetry Ficathon is due at the end of this month. It is... well, so far, it's not coming. I think I need to sit down and approach my prompt from a different direction. I've got two vague, vague possibilities circling around and I need to try to pin them down like butterflies on a specimen board this week.

After that, then what? I've not decided yet, though I have been eyeing the sign ups for Novel Bigbang on LiveJournal. The minimum wordcount is about 20k and the rough draft is due in June, which should be do-able even on my six-day-a-week schedule.

The real question is what to write.

I still have yet to finish an actual story for Robin, or really do much with his universe at all. But I don't have anything that comes to mind for him either. The stories with Joseph and Annie in the desert are also in that universe, but after the end of the world. (It gets better. Sort of.) I like writing Joseph a lot, but I don't know if I have a character arc for him that would fill 20k yet.

I could do something more with Garcia but I'm already a bit stunted with her on the next chapter of Baggage. Maybe I should skip Disneyland altogether and get back to Phoenix? Phoenix is more fun to write somehow. That makes no sense.

Vampire Finch is giving me a guilting look but I am ignoring it.

I mentioned to someone today that writing about Hammer is just making me want to take the character and run off at a ninety degree angle to the roleplaying world, off to do my own thing. I am, however, not entirely sure what my own thing would be yet.

There's always Epsilon, of course. I've got two big arcs for Jacob that I've only scratched the surface of (one of which features a lot of Emily), and a sidekick named Danielle that I want to do something with, and Ellen the ferrokinetic, and I could go on.

(By the way, if you write superheroes? The Superpower Wiki is not as much of a time suck as TV Tropes, but it's fun.)

So... guys... thoughts? Ideas? Things you'd really like to see?