Jack of Many Trades

Hurry Up and Wait

Originally posted: 2010-12-21

Is there some trait you associate with adulthood so completely that you feel like a kid without it?

For me, it's patience. I am not a particularly patient person by nature. There's almost four weeks before I start my spring classes, less than that since I decided to take them. Right now the wait seems interminable, like it will never come. I want to start right now, despite the important things I have to take care of between now and then.

I've always thought that adults grow out of the feeling that if it's not happening right now, it's not happening. If I can just trick myself out of waiting, I tell myself, maybe it'll turn real and I'll be a grown up.

At this point, though, I don't think it's going to happen.

In the meantime, I've been reading about blacksmithing. It's not the same thing, not even remotely, but this isn't a hobby I can pick up down at Michael's so I'm making due.

I'm still not having much luck with the wire crochet, I have to admit. Physically, I can do it, but I'm not pleased with any of my results. I'm going to try it with beads before I give up, though, since that's the look I like best in pictures. I'm also working on reorganizing my apartment, with my girlfriend's blessing. If I keep myself distracted, it'll be time before I know it.