Jack of Many Trades

A Little Luck?

Originally posted: 2010-12-08

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="288" caption="Red tape by Stripey Anne"][/caption]

Plan A is now back in motion. I went to tie pretty bows in my red tape today, which required a three hour wait at one office before I could get someone to look at my paperwork and sign off on it, then another (thankfully shorter) wait at a second office to turn it in.

I don't generally believe in miracles or luck in the showy, traditional sense. However, I noticed that getting off my ass and doing the thing that I had to do resulted in several good results: I was able to have lunch with a good friend There was a lost and found sale on campus, and during my three hour wait I was able to get a great sweater for a dollar. And the big one: while discussing classes with the advisor, I saw that the blacksmithing class I both want to take and need for my degree had an opening. I registered for it between offices.

That wasn't just coincidence. I wouldn't have thought to search for the class today, so I might not have gotten it if I hadn't gone in ASAP. You could argue that it's just perseverance paying off, and it certainly is.

But I can't help seeing Ilmarinen's hand in it, too. It seems as if that's the way our relationship will work. I do the work and he let's me know I'm on the right track. I can think of worse relationships. There's a lot to be said for working with someone who wants specific things from me, and gives me the tools to do those things.

It's not unlike the joke Serenity of the Witch in the City Podcast used to make - the best job spell is the one where you fill out an application and turn it in. Only then do I light the green candles and break out the luck oil. While it never hurts to ask the gods for a little help, I have to be willing to do my own part of the deal first.