Jack of Many Trades

Monday Morning

Originally posted: 2009-06-07

Testing post by email since I'm not supposed to be on non-work-related sites in the office. (I say this like I don't see my coworkers on MySpace and Facebook all the time, but I happen to have a corner desk where my computer screen faces the entire office and I know some of the supervisors pay attention even if IT apparently doesn't.)

Project 250 is off to a solid start, as anyone in my circle can see by the previous post. Not only did I write 250 words last night, I wrote a little over a thousand and a complete scene in the superhero universe. And posted it! Accountability, yay!

Last time I checked the poll results, steampunk adventures were winning but I'm actually a little hesitant about that story. I struggled a lot with the right narrative voice for that last time I tried it - NaNo last year - and I think in order to tackle it properly I need to reread some P.G. Wodehouse or something to get that Britishy narrative voice going in my head. I have a lot of ideas for the cyberpunk end of that timeline right now anyway, so I'm inclined to go in that direction. Up until recently I only had it plotted out until the End of the World in 2012 but I think I'm ready to push past that and keep going now, and I think it makes sense to use that motivation.

I haven't decided how I feel about NaNo this year yet. It'll probably depend on what I'm doing when October rolls around. I don't really like what I produce in November, but the IRL social aspect of writing that I get that time of year is pretty awesome and I'll have even more time to be that kind of social this year so it might be good for me.

As an exercise in knowing thyself, as well as something to use words on when I'm not feeling very fiction-y, I've got a text file called The Care and Feeding of Finches, which will theoretically be a sort of user manual for myself. I'll probably post it as I go, because I am a complete attention whore like that.

And now it's time for my first appointment of the day, so I'll send this off and hope it posts correctly.

(Oops, almost forgot to delete my business email signature.)