Jack of Many Trades

That Is To Say

Originally posted: 2007-06-15

I spent another evening browsing Poetryslamming. I do this every couple of months. Someday I'll apply there. I almost did tonight, but I couldn't settle on three poems that I actually liked at the same time, and I've been listening to these mp3s of Jack Spicer and Robin Blaser reading poetry that I found at Pennsound which is the sort of overdose that makes me hate everything I have.

On the upside, I've got a couple of first drafts in my notebook that might be worth keeping.

I know I just took down the fiction and the articles, and most of the articles relocated, but a couple of them just don't fit on the main site and I think I want to put them back with some of the fiction in a "prose" category or something.

I think alcohol makes me dizzy or something. I should be more careful.

Meanwhile, go listen to some poetry.